Filmmaker And Photographer Mark Fisher
The Image maker grew up in the United States Mid-West and West Coast.
Served in the U.S. Military as an Medic, then a Press Liaison Officer and Photographer.
After the Military: He continue Photography and Captured hundreds of Landscapes and scenes of life.
Work with the camera started in 1966.
Every subject that came in front of the lens.
In the 1970’s Fashion appeared to become the main subject.

In 1976 Captured many landscapes of Germany and through out Europe.
Collecting Hundreds of images on film (Man Made History).

With Climbs On K2 And Mount Everest Another Direction Started.

In 1984 went on a quest to capture americana in the Mid-West in Photographs
as it was disappearing to progress.

Even taking on challenges of walking across U.S.
to capture the landscapes of American Landmarks and
National Parks in 1986 and 1987.
1988 Had work shown in the National Gallery in Washington D.C. ,
hence the name American Photographer.
His images of the American Landmass have been shown through out the world.
In 1990 published a line of post cards which were sold throughout
Europe by The Collectors located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sports Images
His Images of sports teams (Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball) were published in newspapers in the 1980’s through out American.

Photographic Adventure

Most Areas Of Work Became The New Challenges
In 1992, he walked Europe capturing the West Coast of Euro Continent (Images of The Edge). His Images, have been viewed worldwide from the shows and published postcards.

Music Images
The pursuit of Bands were a detour from boredom.
Capturing the live essence of the musician became the main focus.
The Band Promos look as if the group is about to go on stage.
Live Performance Images have a fine art appeal to them.

Everything looks “Now Now Now, Timeless”.
His Portraits are full of life and are hard to rival.
The images invoke deep feelings.
Many have tried to find ways to get the same feeling without success.

His fashion images have been published since the 1970’s
of American Underground Fashion Culture.
Editorial Fashion to Magazine Covers.

Mark Fisher Is Known for the Underground Feel to his images
Clashing with the norm…

One Word description: Master (Ha!)

Remember: Working Photographer and Filmmaker.

Where I grew upAmericaPlaces I’ve livedEurope, Asia, AmericaOther namesAmerican Rock Photographer, American Photographer, American Mark, Mark Fisher NYC Photographer, New York City Photographer Mark Fisher


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